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Mid-Summer Recap: Montreal, Quebec City, Jamaica

The story of my summer has been divided into three seasons and a reboot special...

Bet you can't guess where I am.

Season 1: Montreal & Quebec City

Maymester felt more like a TV spin-off of my usual school year. It was my fairly successful attempt at staying in Montreal for a summer course and trying to make the most of it. This time reintroduced me to summer heat I was longing for all winter and made me increasingly appreciate Montreal for its beauty and charm.

It also guest starred a Quebec City cameo alongside my family. Quebec City literally felt like a movie set of a quaint French town. While I was longing to visit Europe, this was just as fulfilling. From

Season 2: Jamaica

Coming home to Jamaica is always refreshing. For some reason, this time felt different. If I'm being honest, it wasn't as satisfying as it usually is. Season 2's are sometimes disappointing compared to the first but somehow always have some revelation at the end...Glee anyone?

I've been travelling back and forth from school for about four years now. So, why was this the first time I was actually sad to leave Montreal? I had so much to look forward to at home- seeing my family & friends, partying, eating some good food, exploring and more. Was I losing my mind?

I think the issue is I've somewhat (?) weirdly matured in the past year. Okay, don't quote me on that..but seriously, the things that would excite me just aren't cutting it anymore. I'm tired of the same small talk, the same sets being played by DJs and the same sites that I'd visit. So I decided to not conform to this 'same' old life.

Changing it up and switching shit around is so important. Especially when you come from that #smallislandlife.

It can be something as little as not attending parties that you don't want to or actually hanging with people that you typically wouldn't. Stop following hype and what crowds are doing and be yourself.

Don't live your life for anyone else but yourself.

A major plot line of Season 2 included organizing and running Mukkle Thrift. Mukkle is an amazing non-profit that my gyal-boss friends and I cofounded last year. Reselling donations for a good cause, we hosted our second show this July. It truly was a mad success and keeping busy with it helped things keep interesting. Apart from being something very important, Mukkle Thrift really kept me busy in the days and got me out of the repetitive daily routine I have adapted over the years.

If you're interested in reading more about this initiative, check out Bashy's article or Laurendeavors' Together Tuesdays blog post!

After weeks of preparation...Mukkle Thrift!

But when the Mukkle madness ended, I was left clueless with what to do with my days. The fact that my distraction suddenly disappeared stumped me. I had to snap out of it and get my priorities straight: Mukkle Thrift & Miles Guide. My two self-made babies that I'm genuinely passionate about.

I always cuss about exploring your own home and being a tourist in your own space. So I did that. In Kingston. Those 'same sites' that felt monotonous, I changed my perspective surrounding them. From tourist attractions, like Devon House, to outdoor spaces, like Hope Gardens, to even exercising, in places like the Mona Reservoir...I switched shit up.

Not a bad view for a workout, huh?

Why did I feel like I was sitting down waiting for Season 3 to reach when Season 2 was still happening? Why was I writing in these 'filler episodes' when I could simply produce some wicked story lines?

Season 3: Trinidad and Barbados

Going into Season 3, I am taking this revelation and putting it in my carry-on for safe keeping. Travelling to Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados will be exciting, but I refuse to make these filler episodes. Just because I have visited these islands before does not mean that my experiences will be the 'same'.

Reboot Special: Back in JA'

By the time the one reboot episode comes around, hopefully it will all make sense and be worth it. We always look back on summers and remember the best ones. For me...Summer 2016 was IT. But it is never too late to reframe a narrative, no matter how for along in the story you are.



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