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Where to Visit on Your Next Trip to Barbados

Although Barbados has already been checked off my Cari Trip list, it's one of those places, with the help of my amazing friends, that I have increasingly become very comfortable with and always look forward to visiting.

My last day in Barbados at Little Good Harbour...wondering how the hell I'm supposed to leave!?

Having a more 'local' experience in a country really shifts the experiences and opportunities one may have.

Big man ting, international friendships are the best. I have friends who I won't see for years, but when we meet up it's like time never passed. I know they will always be there for me, and I hope they know that they can always rely on me. I tell them that I would go into FULL ~MilesGuide Mode~ if they were ever to visit my yaad. It truly is some Hannah Montana #TrueFriends vibes.

That's why I am so grateful for my Bajan friends who I can call family. Without them, my time in Barbados would probably be not as tun up and completely different.

I've noticed that in the Caribbean, a lot of the 'recommendations' on our islands are a bit too touristy. Not to say that's bad, but I find as someone who already lives on a tropical island (which has a somewhat similar culture) there are only so many beaches or tourist traps that I can visit until I ask myself why the hell I left my house??

It's important to change that and take new approaches to how we, especially as West Indians do inter-Caribbean travel. Agree? Read more on my Cari Trip!

This is why in this blog post, I'll be listing some of my favourite places in Barbados that left a lasting impression on me that I would 100% recommend to not only West Indian travellers, but tourists from anywhere in the world.

That's not all though! Make sure to lookout for an upcoming review on the biggest and baddest fetes (and of course Kadooment itself) next week! After all...all is rum in Bim.

Little Good Harbour & Fish Pot Restaurant

On the North-West coast of the island you can find Little Good Harbour & Fish Pot Restaurant! Both are a family run Boutique Hotel, Spa & Restaurant that are straight out of a fairytale. As part of an old historic fort, it reminded me of being in a little cottage nestled on the beach, with its coral stone and pastel green accented doors and windows. While I only visited for a day, it made me want to stay for a lifetime. The family-feel was so personal and comforting and would definitely be more appealing to those longing to escape the cliché hotel vibe others may offer.

Can I move here full-time? Please & thanks?

One Eleven East Beach Bar

If I could epitomize the literal meaning of #livingyourbestdamnlife while watching the sun go down with a glass of lemonade in'd be in this spot. I know everything isn't about aesthetics but guys...aesthetics!!! One Eleven was what I wish my future house could look like- it was all white with natural and earthy vibes. The view was amazing and the atmosphere was so inviting to all. Not to mention, I met the cutest golden-doodle in the world and saw Riri's brother from a it was a pretty good day. (Why am I like this?)

RiRi, do you luv me??

The Mill & Co.

All over the island, you are bound to run into old Mills that remain as landmarks! At The Mill & Co., one of these mills have been transformed into a restaurant. It was one of the most perfect lunch spots that I visited and it did not feel flooded with tourists- ironically making me forget that I was one! The service and experience was phenomenal and the food was worth every last bite.

How good does the Island Spice Chicken Ramen look?

The Historic Atlantis Inn

On the East Coast of the island, lies The Historic Atlantis Inn. The site is a living history lesson on its heritage as an old railway track. While I devoured a Steamed Flying Fish, I overlooked the Atlantic ocean and enjoyed the east coast vibes. It is such a different atmosphere than other parts of the island, with its choppy waves home to local surfers and The Soup Bowl. Owned by the same family as Little Good Harbour, they offer specials that give visitors, whether West Indian or not, a taste of the west and east coast lifestyle!

Salt Cafe

For an early birthday dinner, a few of my best gyals and I went to the South coast to grab a bite and nyam...little did I know it'd be so amazing. It was one of those nights where I got zero photos because it was genuinely such a great time. We got red wine and Frosés, along with some Asian Styled Wings, Crispy Calamari and more! It was the day after Kadooment so everybody was mash up but, nevertheless, the service was great and everyone was so kind. Plus the Warm Chocolate Brownie...No. Words. So. Good. Even if I got any pictures, it wouldn't have done it justice. Check it out.

Gibbs Beach

Ok, so I know there's nuff beaches in Barbados...but Gibbs reminded me of being home. Hanging with friends (old and new), floating in the sea for way too long ~until you get those weird wrinkles on your fingertips~, and acting like a child when I saw a baby sea turtle. My point is, on a small and accessible island like this, it's not hard for any traveller to find a beautiful, white sand, flat water beach. They're practically all 5 minutes away from each other...#smh #mustbenice. But it's the beaches and places that make you feel most at home that should be remembered. For me, Gibbs was one of those.

Cheers to an amazing trip, and to many more!


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