3RANNIVERSARY: Scavenger Hunt

What's a scavenger hunt without some must-have, top tier prizes at the finish line??

I am so excited to be collaborating with these incredible local brands to provide participants with the chance to win & try out their amazing Jamaican-Made products! 


Teams will have the chance to win 1st, 2nd & 3rd place gift basket prizes, alongside surprise pop-up prizes which will appear throughout their journey...

All of the prizes up for grabs- from the actual gift basket itself to its lovely contents- have all been made locally with love and intent in Jamaica.

I'd like to extend a massive thank you to all of the brands who have helped bring this vision to life and encourage you to check them out & show them some love!!

All the love,


Woodbrook 'Marley' 

Wooden Tray

Mukkle Thrift 'Every Mikkle Mek a Mukkle' Tote Bag

Wholistic Living 'Serenity' 11 oz Candle & 'Heal' Travel Tin Candle

Sun Island Jamaica Gift Certificate

Swypz Plus 'Spring Orchard', 'Lavender Kiss' & 'Surface Wipes' 80 Packs

Peppa Tree 'Smokey BBQ', 'Jamaican Zesty BBQ Spice', 'Scotch Bonnet Peppa' & 'Red Hot Jerk'

Get Nailed 'Gel Manicure' Gift Certificate

Swizz Beads 'Coral' JamBanz Bracelet

Mel's Sticky Jams 'Mango & Scotch Bonnet' 280ml Jam

Joined Feeling 'Classic Unisex Tee' Gift Certificate

Naturalista 'Neem' 100% Natural Soap & 'Aloe Vera Gel'

Swypz Plus 'Geranium' & '70% Isopropyl Alcohol' Zip Top 8 Packs

Maxxis Gift Certificate

Swypz Plus Travel Case


Peppa Tree 'Mango BBQ', 'Green Peppa' & 'Jamaican Firey Jerk Spice'

Swypz Plus 'Sparkling Face' & 'Baby Wipes' 80 Packs

Wellnesso 'Drop the Beet', 'Brighter Day' & 'Leaf of Life' Natural Shots & Ginger Salad Dressing

Sun Island Jamaica Gift Certificate

Mukkle Thrift 'Every Mikkle Mek a Mukkle' Tote Bag

Naturalista 'Tomato' 100% Natural Soap

Swizz Beads 'Tiger Eye' JamBanz Bracelet

X-Cel Optics Ltd. 'Single Vision Blue Light Lenses' Gift Certificate

Wholistic Living 'Serenity' & 'Heal' Travel Tin Candles

Mel's Sticky Jams 'Strawberry Cabernet' 120ml Jam

Netty's Farm Likkle Bits Granola Bites Set

Swypz Plus 'Spring Orchard & 'Lemongrass Zing' Zip Top 8 Packs

Maxxis 1 Gallon 'Windshield Washer Fluid', Gift Certificate & Reusable Canvas Bag

Swypz Plus Travel Case


Mel's Sticky Jams 'Mango & Scotch Bonnet' 120ml Jam

Wholistic Living 'Serenity' Travel Tin Candle

Maxxis 1 Gallon 'Windshield Washer Fluid', Gift Certificate & Reusable Canvas Bag

Swypz Plus 'Lavender Kiss' Zip Top 8 Pack

Netty's Farm Likkle Bits Granola Bites Set

Peppa Tree 'Red Peppa' & 'Jamaican Firey Jerk Spice'

Kulture Kitchen Gift Certificate

Naturalista 'Birthday Cake', 'Carrot Cake' & 'Bread Pudding' Lip Balms

Swypz Plus 'Sandalwood' & 'Lemongrass Zing' 80 Packs

Sun Island Jamaica Jamaica Flag Beach Towel, 'Jus Dweet' Cap & 'Jamaica Nice Nuh Raas' Cap

Mukkle Thrift 'Every Mikkle Mek a Mukkle' Tote Bag

Swypz Plus Travel Case


During the Scavenger Hunt, participants will have the win surprise POP-UP PRIZES!


These prizes will appear along the hunt's route and are up for grabs by any participating team. An Instagram Story will reveal the secret prize and its location, and will be available for 15 minutes after it's initially posted. The first team to arrive at the surprise location wins the pop-up prize!


Make sure to follow me on Instagram @milesguide and turn on post & story notifications to be the first team to know when Pop-Up Prizes will appear on your route...


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