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With the world's most churches per square mile, Jamaica is no stranger to stunning churches- one of my go-to sights to visit when I travel. UWI's University Chapel is potentially one my favourite churches in Jamaica- one doesn't have to be religious to appreciate its architectural beauty.

Find a space to prop your phone and take a picture on timer standing under the  aqueduct's iconic arches spelling out 'UWI' with your body. For teams of 2, feel free to draw in the final letter 'I' on your phone.

Remember to wear masks during challenges and to tag @milesguide & #3YearsofMilesGuide when uploading your Instagram story!

Stand here...


Your next challenge & clue is hidden at my alma mater through its historic red brick gates. This high school celebrated its Diamond Jubilee in 2020, were the winners of the 2018 School's Challenge Quiz and has hosted all four of Mukkle Thrift's pop-up shops.

Now let's get there before the school bell rings!!

Find me there!!

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