Ting a ling a ling!! It's always great to visit the old stomping grounds and I always feel at home when I visit Campion. I could chat for hours reminiscing but instead let's play a quick round of School's Challenge Quiz! 


Take a picture in front of the beautiful brick gates and transcribe the answers to the following questions on your story:

ESPAÑOL: Conjugate 'buscar' in the preterit tense.

MATHEMATICS: When Gabby was 6 years old, her sister Vicky was half her age. If Gabby is 40 years old today, how old is Vicky?

ECONOMICS: Where and when was CARICOM founded?

HISTORY: Where is the bronze 'Redemption Song' statue by Laura Facey located? 

Remember to wear masks during challenges and to tag @milesguide & #3YearsofMilesGuide when uploading your Instagram story!

Your story should look something like this...


You've already done all the hard work. The location of your next stop lies within one of the answers to your School's Challenge Quiz. Let's just hope that you passed....

Find me there!!

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