STOFIVE: KayHerHouse


As Jamaica's first legal medical marijuana dispensary, Kaya has been shaking the table since its opening. While their mouth-watering pizza is always a bonus, I always enjoy visiting Kaya because of their love and celebration of Jamaican art and culture.


Kaya is the ultimate chill spot with tons of personality; from the colourful murals adorning the walls to their vintage planes! While we can't catch any flights right now, take a video of one of your team members boarding the Kaya plane.

Remember to wear masks during challenges and to tag @milesguide & #3YearsofMilesGuide when uploading your Instagram story!

Throwback to catching a flight at their Drax Hall location...


Have a sweet tooth? Head over to this property on 'Millionaire's Corner' which was the home to Jamaica's first black millionaire to fix your cravings...

Find me there!!

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