STOSEVEN: OaktoHouse


Many of Jamaica's historic and eye-catching buildings across the island were influenced by Georgian architecture. The Oakton House is no exception! This historic building, which has been beautifully restored, has seen many lifetimes; from being a rest stop for soldiers to an exclusive school in the 1920's.

You've officially complete half of the Scavenger Hunt! Let's take it easy for this challenge. Team captains, take a picture of your team posing on the stunning curved staircase. 

Remember to wear masks during challenges and to tag @milesguide & #3YearsofMilesGuide when uploading your Instagram story!


The theatre has always been a leading and thriving art force and means of cultural expression in Jamaica. Your next challenge & clue is located at this theatre (turned cinema) which was once the home of various local productions for 20 years, such as 'Romi & Julie' to 'Straight Jacket'.

Find me there!!

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