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STOEIGHT: NeKingstoDrive-In


Just 16 years after closing its gates in Old Harbour due to a changing entertainment scene, the New Kingston Drive-In Cinema has debuted because of a similar shift in the industry. I've always loved the theatre, whether it's to attend a play or film, and the feeling of temporarily escaping but also making sense of your reality.

To honour this spot which was once the home of the iconic Centre Stage Theatre, let's put your acting skills to the test.
Film your team acting out a scene from your favourite movie or play. All members must participate & have at least one line. Your mini-movie must be recorded anywhere in New Kingston and must last the length of two Instagram stories (30 seconds)!

Remember to wear masks during challenges and to tag @milesguide & #3YearsofMilesGuide when uploading your Instagram story!


Let's go shopping! There's nothing that I love more than shops that make buying Jamaican-Made products accessible and affordable...

This shop's name is a phrase hidden within the chorus of the Eric Donaldson classic 'Land of My Birth' and is repeated six times throughout the song.

Find me there!!

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