About Me

Hi there, I'm Sarah Miles and welcome to Miles Guide! 

Like many Jamaicans, I grew up hearing the phrase 'we likkle but we tallawah'. This message- that one's size sets no boundaries- is one that has stuck with me throughout my life and continuously inspires and motivates me.

I've always been a very passionate, confident and determined person- one who strives to push boundaries and challenge expectations. Obsessed with the idea of one's life purpose, I have always wanted to make a positive impact on the world- no matter how 'likkle' I may be- but was unsure of how to do so.

Miles Guide was born on a cold winter night in my university apartment in Montréal, Canada. While I never considered myself to be a writer or a big-time traveller, this spontaneous idea simply felt right


Our world has always fascinated me and I've always had a deep longing to explore it- from its natural beauty to its diverse cultures to its rich abundance of teachable experiences and opportunities.

Since its inception, Miles Guide has evolved into much more than a travel blog. It has become a space and platform where I can share my attempts at navigating the world, reflect on what I've learned along the way, promote my favourite locally-made businesses, advocate for sustainable living and simply make a difference in my own 'likkle' way.

There's something new to discover every single day and I can't wait to bring you along my journey of doing so!


For all collaboration inquiries, email gomilesguide@gmail.com