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JAMAICA OBSERVER'S Spotted!! Travel Blogger Sarah

Miles (2020):

"Sarah is a lover of travel, locally made products, and an advocate for sustainability."

ASTOLDBYNELLA'S 9 Jamaican YouTubers You Should Be Subscribed To (2020):

"Sarah is the definition of #travelgoals and her warm, funny, down-to-earth and wonderful personality is sure to win you over."

BAHAMIANISTA'S 9 Caribbean Lifestyle YouTubers I've Been Binging During Quarantine (2020):

"Her videos are just a breath of fresh air. She makes me want to book a trip to Jamaica right away!"

JAMAICANS.COM'S Miles Guide on her Journey - Jamaican Blogger, YouTuber and Entrepreneur (2020):


"Sarah shares insightful guides, full of insider tips, perfect for both locals and visitors navigating the world."

JAMAICANS.COM'S 5 Jamaican YouTubers to Watch While in Quarantine (2020):

"Her videos are filmed in a reality show type feel with cameos from her best friends, all set against an epic soundtrack."

NET'S CHAT'S Know Your Worth: Creatives & Influencers (2020):

"Sarah has 400 subscribers and I watch her like she has 4 million. Her content has a buzz and she takes pride in her work. "

BASHY MAGAZINE'S YouTubers to Watch (2020):

"If you're lost, let Sarah Miles be your guide."

THE DIGITAL JAMAICAN'S Influencers to Watch in 2020:

"Miles Guide is an outlet to share personal stories, travel experiences and to show her love for her Jamaican roots."

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Hello World! My name is Sarah Miles and welcome to Miles Guide.

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