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Delicious Eats in the Heart of Downtown Montreal

One of the best things about living in a city has to be...the food.

With such a wide range of cultures existing here in Montreal, I'm lucky to have a diverse range of food to explore. Now..I can already envision my friends ready to diss me because they know that I am not necessarily the most adventurous person with my palette. BUT my love for food cya done. If you put food in front of me, I can guarantee that it won't be there in the next 10 minutes.

Being a student, eating out has to be worth it. Whether it's rent being due, or you spent too much money on wine...going out to eat becomes a luxury. It can be tricky to know whether or not a meal will be good enough to get that precious coin, so luckily you have me as a guinea pig.

While I'm not a food blogger (chill ok), how would I be able to say that I'm giving you the full experience of a city if I'm not including one of my favourite parts? If you live in Montreal, let me know your top spots to eat so I can add to the list!

Let's go nyammin!!!


As some may know, I believe I was Latina in a past life (...long story) and Mexican food always hits my sweet spot. Escondite offers its patrons the best tapas, tacos and tequila in the city. The restaurant's atmosphere feels so authentic and makes you forget that it's -20 degrees outside. I'd definitely recommend making a reservation in advance, if this seems like your vibe. There may be a few locations, but they're very popular and spots go fast. If you trust the opinion of a gyal who's eaten a bit too many quesadillas in her life, get the Hongos Quesadilla Sincronizada.

TACOS: Baja, Al Pastor, Pollos Hermanos


I am in love with SuWu. More importantly, I eat, breathe, sleep SuWu's Grilled Cheese Mac & Cheese. Somehow, even their ketchup is superior to all others (if you've had it, you'll understand). This was one of the first meals I ever ate in the city, and it's now my forever go-to-spot. Every meal that I've had at SuWu has been 100p satisfactory, and their team is so welcoming that it feels like a family. SuWu's aesthetic reminds me of an industrial garden ~kinda vibe~, that I've noticed in a lot of restaurants and cafes across the city. When it doubt, I hit up SuWu.

Ooohhh she thicc...

No. 900 Pizzeria

No joke, whether it's dining it or take out, I crave pizza from 900 on a daily basis. It's so close to campus and affordable that it's dangerously tempting. As a basic b, who loves to order a Margherita pizza (and nothing else), this is one of my favourite spots to grab a bite. Not only is the food good, but the aesthetics are so cute. The have yellow cutlery, with the most beautiful tiling and front window to people watch all day.

You a Margherita or Organic Salami kinda gyal?

Lola Rosa

I definitely had my reservations about Lola Rosa at first. When I hear 'vegetarian food', my soul shrivels up and my appetite immediately craves for fried chicken...it be like that sometimes. Often we associate good meal with a piece of meat, but Lola Rosa changes that assumption. They make you forget that you even craved for meat in the first place. Their Mac & Cheese with the Chili on top has become one of my favourite comfort foods on a cold, winter day.Only a minute from campus, Lola Rosa (and more importantly, their nachos) is a McGill student's staple. However, they have multiple locations across the city. Make sure to check out the hand-written notes in their tables, and even add one for yourself!

Did you even go to Lola if you didn't get the nachos?

Two favourite comfort foods. Together.


Craving vegetarian food was one thing, but Lov got me hooked onto vegan food. I know, I'm shook too. There's two locations downtown that look straight out of a magazine. Their whimsical, garden chic vibes are so comforting and relaxing and make me never want to leave. They describe themselves as having an 'eco-commitment' which includes using organic farming, local artisans and promoting mindfulness. In this day and age, this commitment is commendable and I am always supportive of businesses, like Lov, that make a positive impact.

Coconut Curry + the Kale Mac & Cheese. Go off sis.

Kampai Garden

The best way to describe Kampai is Japanese fusion; they have classic foods with a Japanese influence and twist on it. They constantly update and play around with their menu, which is always something to look forward to when eating there. One of my favourite things in the city, is their Black Bean Udon. I dream about them at night and have failed on multiple occasions trying to recreate them. Order! Their! Udon! The key is to book a late night dinner reservation and stay afterwards for club vibes. Kampai has everything that the city has to offer: good food, great aesthetics, and an even better atmosphere.

There's a special place in my heart for their Pogo Sticks.

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